There are three costs involved with membership of the Private Jet Club UK :

  • Annual membership of £248 (paid by standing order) for private members covering the member and up to four guests. Corporate membership prices will vary and depend on the number of members and employees to be covered. Please call or email to discuss.
  • A facilitation fee of £100 (paid by BACS) for every seat booked.
  • A refundable deposit of £3000 (paid by BACS) per flight to cover unforeseen costs that may be incurred as part of normal private jet charters (see the terms and conditions)

With regard to the refundable deposit, chartering a private jet can be a complex matter with regard to pricing and costs. Prices vary greatly between aircraft operators and owners and can include unknown costs (at point of charter) for variable items such as exchange rates on fuel costs, airport landing and parking fees, airport handling fees etc which can change on the day of flight. In addition, charterers are responsible for some costs that cannot be foreseen such as diversion due to bad weather, airport closure, natural disasters, strikes, air traffic control failures etc.

The above cost elements will not be known until the flight has completed and hence a deposit has to be held to cover the possibility of unforeseen costs arising during the flight. Any extra costs (including any on board extras) will be deducted from the deposit and the balance refunded after the completion of the flight. The deposit approach is the same as it would be if you hired a luxury car or boat or rent a property.

To minimise the variation of cost additions, the Private Jet Club UK uses a charter broker to provide the most competitive prices that are as inclusive as possible at the time of booking.


To charter a private jet from London to south of France as an individual would cost in the order of £12000 for a return flight on a different day to the outbound flight. This would be a similar price for most European destinations.

As a member of the Private Jet Club that price can potentially be reduced to approximately £1500 per seat if there were eight members able to share a flight. The price would be approximately £2000 for six members sharing. The price would be £3000 per seat for 4 members sharing. For a one way flight that price could halve to £750 and £1000 £1500 respectively.

These prices could be reduced further if empty leg seats can be filled as well.

There is no VAT applicable for international flights and is only applicable to UK flights where a charter is through a UK registered jet operator.

Please note that once a charter has been booked members monies are not refundable under any circumstances except where the flight could not occur due to the aircraft operator not providing the aircraft – a charter is an absolute commitment financially and changes in members circumstances unfortunately cannot warrant a refund of monies paid as the aircraft operator and broker will not provide any refunds to the club.

Example Prices/Flights   Return Flight (not same day) :     London to …   Per Person:    
    sole charter 2 share 3 share 4 share 5 share 6 share   BA Business/Club
Edinburgh   £8,000 £4,000 £2,666 £2,000 £1,600 £1,333   not available
Jersey   £5,400 £2,700 £1,800 £1,350 £1,080 £900   £500
Dublin   £7,000 £3,500 £2,333 £1,750 £1,400 £1,166   £600
Nice   £12,000 £6,000 £4,000 £3,000 £2,400 £2,000   £1,020
Geneva   £9,500 £4,750 £3,166 £2,375 £1,900 £1,583   £600
    Return Flight (same day) or One Way :              
Edinburgh   £4,000 £2,000 £1,333 £1,000 £800 £666   not available
Jersey   £2,700 £1,350 £900 £675 £540 £450   £500
Dublin   £3,600 £1,800 £1,200 £900 £720 £600   £600
Nice   £6,000 £3,000 £2,000 £1,500 £1,200 £1,000   £1,020
Geneva   £4,700 £2,350 £1,566 £1,175 £940 £783   £600