About Us

The Private Jet Club UK was established to make flying by private jet accessible to more people by facilitating the matching of members to share the cost of charter flights.

This concept has been successfully used in the US for many years as using private jets to hop from state to state is commonplace with large demand from both personal and corporate individuals making it easier.

The Private Jet Club is not an aircraft owner, operator, carrier or travel agent but acts as a facilitator to match members to share flights and costs. The club facilitates the following:

  • Provides the facility for members to register and monitor their flight requirements so that they can be matched with other members
  • Establish scheduled flights at peak times of year
  • Liaison with members to create seat matching
  • Collect monies from members for any jet charter prior to booking
  • Liaise with a charter broker to find the best price for a charter and simplify the complex process of pricing and chartering a private jet
  • Pay for and charter the jet in the clubs name on behalf of the members
  • Issue flight confirmation and joining instructions to members and liaise regarding any queries, problems or special requirements
  • Monitor ongoing quality of service and deal with any issues regarding the charter
  • Provide value added services if appropriate and of interest to members e.g airport transfers and lifestyle events
  • Fill empty legs where possible to reduce prices further

Please note, the club simply passes on the cost of the charter to members and does not add any money to the actual cost – the club only profits from the seat facilitation charge.