Yes. Confidentiality is paramount to the service the club provides. The club will not pass any details to other parties except those relevant to the booking of the charter i.e the charter broker and any airport flight administration that requests passenger information. When a member makes a seat request on the system other members can only see a request has been made -not who requested it.

Yes. Each passenger and luggage will be checked in the same way as an ordinary commercial scheduled flight.

There could be. The club terms and conditions which members sign as part of the joining process indicate several liabilities for possible extra costs in the event of certain circumstances such as flight diversion, changes in exchange rates and fuel costs and airport charges that occur after the charter has been booked and paid for. These events and charges are unknown at the point of quoting prices and chartering and paying for the aircraft. This is normal practice throughout the private jet chartering business. The club always quotes prices subject to the above caveats and takes a £3000 refundable deposit from members at the time of booking in order to cover these potential unknown additional costs. The deposit will be refunded after the flight completion less any deductions invoiced by the charter broker. Any deductions will be documented for members.

The club will send you details prior to the flight.

The charter broker only uses accredited aircraft operators that are licensed to commercially charter their aircraft and all are governed by their national civil aviation authorities and their regulations on aircraft maintenance, inspections and safety along with flight crew licencing and training. All aircraft have two pilots.

Yes. The cost of your charter may not necessarily be any cheaper through the club.

Generally yes but the club will need to ensure other members on the flight approve. Members will have to ensure that their pets have the appropriate documentation etc for flying.

Yes – private jet charter provides a personalised service and will try to cater for most requests including diet and special needs.

Members money transferred to the club as payment for flights and deposits is held in a separate ‘client’ account until it is transferred to the charter broker for payment. However, you should note that the club is not regulated by any bodies and is therefore not a regulated service.

You will be able to check the status by logging into the members area and selecting ‘status’ which will show your request details and indicate with black dots how many matches have been made with your request. The estimated price of your seat will be shown based on the number of matches shown i.e if there are no matches then the full cost of the aircraft charter will be shown. This figure will reduce whenever a match is made.

The club does offer private transfers to and from airports by car or helicopter. In the future the club plans to provide a concierge service for booking car hire, hotels, villas, tickets, presents etc. In addition the club plans to provide members with lifestyle events that are appropriate to members interests (that is why there is a ‘interests’ question on the registration process). These events may include packaged itineries such as travel, accommodation and lunch on a yacht for example.

Annual membership fees are collected by standing order (set up by the member as part of the joining process) giving control to the member not the club. Charter costs and deposits are received by BACS electronic transfer to the club ‘client’ account. The club does not currently accept payment by credit or debit card due to the fees charged by the card companies which would have to be passed on to the members.

No. The price is the same as if you went to the charter broker direct although the club may or may not get a cheaper price due to volume discount. The club makes its money from charging a facilitation fee per seat booked.

No – there is no accessible way to do this.

The club aims to fulfil/offer a seat and price two weeks prior to the requested date. This gives members time to organise alternative commercial scheduled flights if the charter price is not acceptable.

Normally you can take one medium bag (to go in the hold) and one small cabin bag per person. This may vary and size and weight restrictions will be notified to you as part of your booking process.

Be aware - there is no refund policy no matter what the circumstances, once a charter has been booked – this is normal policy for private jet charters worldwide. The only exception is where the aircraft is not made available or is unable to meet the conditions of the charter. We recommend that you arrange travel insurance for your flights.

In many cases the customs and immigration process takes place prior to the flight and without the passengers being aware. Data provided by members is passed to customs and immigration by the charter broker on booking confirmation. Members still need to make sure they have any visas and fulfil any customs and immigration requirements for the country of destination.

The club uses a private jet charter broker who has access to some 2000 European based charter aircraft. The broker submits a request for a quote to all suitable aircraft operators and selects the best deal for the club.

Normally a complimentary VIP pre prepared buffet style catering will be offered along with a licensed bar and soft drinks.

All types are available although demand tends to be concentrated on the small 'very light jets' (VLJs) as they are cheaper to charter. Please note that the smaller jets have limited cabin height (normally less than 5 feet) and usually no toilet and if a toilet is available there is very limited privacy provided. Hence these size jets are likely to be unsuitable for people with limited mobility. See www.hondajet.com.

There are significantly more airfields available to private jets than the normal commercial airports. The 'members' area lists the different airports available to you.