How It Works

The whole aim of the Private Jet Club is to match people who want to fly from and to the same location on the same date/time to share a private jet charter at a cheaper seat rate than a sole charter. However, the club will also accept sole charters from members if required. The club will also allow members who have chartered a private jet outside of the club on their own behalf to post any spare seats available on their flights that they wish to fill.

The more flexible you can be with your flight requirements (outbound/inbound airport, dates/times) and the earlier you provide the seat request the greater chance of more matches and hence members sharing the cost of the charter – flexibility is the key to lower prices!

Once you become a member you will have access to the members only area on the website. You will then have six options:

  • Match your seat requirements with other members seat requests already listed
  • Add your own different seat request
  • Select a seat on any of the scheduled flights that may be listed
  • Request a seat on an empty leg - an empty return flight (normally at discount)
  • Register your interest in any of the lifestyle events that may be listed from time to time
  • Check the status of your seat request in your own secure account. The status will show how many matches there are to your request and the estimated cost of your seat as a result.

You can book a one way (inbound or outbound) or return flight. It is common for private jets to return empty from their destination and to then return empty to collect the charterers at a later date as it is too expensive for the aircraft to sit at the airport until the return flight date. This is why it is normally so expensive to charter a private jet on an individual basis – you are paying for two empty legs!

The Private Jet Club will monitor members requests and try to match people to a single flight (typically two weeks prior to departure) which may involve a few emails to members to establish flexibility.

When matches are found the Private Jet Club will notify those members (by email) of the cost per seat (including the facilitation fee) and ask if they wish to go ahead with the booking. The club will gather the monies due (including deposits) from members and charter and pay for the jet (via a private jet charter broker) in the club's name on their behalf. Deposits will be held in a separate member's (client) account for refund post flight completion less any deductions (see terms and conditions) that may have been invoiced to the club from the charter broker. The club will send members their flight details and joining instructions and deal with any questions that might arise.

Please note that you can already book ‘empty leg ‘ seats outside of the club at a discount but be warned that those seats cannot be guaranteed as the charterer has the right to cancel/change his itinerary at will which can impact the empty leg itinerary. With the Private Jet Club that problem does not arise as the charterer will be the club.